Christ Church Leader Academy equips members of the body for leadership in the church.

The Academy combines reading, cohort discussion, and lectures to equip potential leaders in theology and practical application in each topic covered.

We have trained over one-hundred and twenty leaders through Leader Academy.

Interested in joining us?

If you are 18 or older and interested in our next season of Leader Academy, please complete this enrollment application.

“The time I’ve spent under the Elders and in community with the body of Christ Church has been a time of invaluable growth in my walk with the Lord. I’ve had the pleasure to be part of Leader Academy, which has challenged me towards the study of God’s Word, and years of participation in Cords, which has continually spoken daily application of God’s truth in my life- often beyond that which I would have wanted, but pushing deeply into what was needed, if I’m being honest. Frankly, without this body, my marriage would not have happened, or it would have been built on a foundation of lies and self-righteousness. Instead, the Lord has used His body of believers to work in my life, brick by brick, calling out a foundation built upon myself, and building it upon the truth and freedom of Jesus Christ.”

– Josh

Topics Covered In Year One:

• Systematic Theology
• Biblical Leadership
• Counseling
• Pastoral Care
• Marriage and Family
• Worship
• Mission.