Christ Church is a member of the Children’s Hunger Fund Mercy Network.

(From the CHF web site)

Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) works in some of the most needy regions in the world. In the slums of Guatemala, in the refugee villages in Northern Uganda, in the wake of disasters in Indonesia and Perú, and on the mean streets of America’s inner-cities, CHF earnestly seeks to provide for the needs of children and make lasting impact in their lives.

CHF distributes Food Paks® and bulk food through a network of compassionate ministries. We call this a “Mercy Network.” Mercy Network ministries deliver Food Paks to homes and distribute bulk food at regular distribution events.

In various regions around the world, large local churches or non-governmental organizations serve as hubs for distribution of CHF resources throughout widespread networks. These Mercy Networks supply indigenous churches with a pool of resources. CHF provides in-depth training to help community leaders develop philosophies and standards that will influence the way they serve. CHF supplies nutritious foods, clothing, medicine, and toys at no cost so they can show generous, compassionate care to the children and families in their communities. For more information or to support CHF go to www.childrenshungerfund.org.


Christ Church is a part of Sojourn Network.

Sojourn Network exists to help pastors plant, grow, and multiply healthy churches. To learn more about Sojourn Network, go to www.sojournnetwork.com.


Christ Church helps plant churches in India through a partnership with Vision Nationals.

Vision Nationals has been planting churches since 1992 with over 150 church planters planting over 400 churches. In 2009, India surpassed China as the number one country for growth of Christianity. Now, Vision Nationals has a vision of planing over ten thousand churches in Asia! For more information or to support a church planter, go to www.visionnationals.org.


Christ Church Partners with Send Chicago.

From the Send North America Website: “We believe the evidence is clear we are sent to reach new people best through starting new churches. Through a coordinated national strategy we call Send North America, our goal is to help move churches and individuals into all regions of North America to do just that.”